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After assisting Bachmann with their EMU models we are able to sell them, with all profits going to the preservation of the EPB Preservation Group EMUs.
 It may be possible to collect from our sales stand at model railway shows, otherwise the postage is shown for within the UK, please enquire for other countries.

The latest versions of the superb Bachmann MLVs are here,
Only £110 each,  post free within UK.
Models currently available.

31 266 Green with small yellow end panels- 68006
31 267 Blue Grey, full yellow ends-   68009
31 268 Network South-East               9004        (no guard periscope)

 The MLVs all have detail differences to correctly match the unit modelled.

OO scale 2EPB models currently available are;
                                                                                    Post free within the UK
31-375   2EPB BR Blue                                                       £205.00
31-377   2EPB blue/grey, Network South-East                   £205.00  
              Kent Link, with headlight. (limited stocks, buy now!)
Back in stock are green 2EPBs, with a different number 
31-376  BR Green  unit 5770                   £205.00 Post free within the UK
31-379  BR Green unit 5771                    £205.00 Post free within the UK
  (note this does not have small yellow warning panels, as some Bachmann advertising had indicated)  
00 scale 4Cep models currently in stock:
The latest Cep, also with a different number and revised price.
31-426B--Green with small yellow warning panels, unit 7122--£279 UK post paid 
Order the much anticipated Bachmann 2Hap and 4Bep units via EPBPG sales, profits go to restore our EMU fleet. They should hopefully arrive before the London Crossrail opens!

We can obtain any current Bachmann items, enquire for details. All profits go to EMU restoration.

 We can also order Graham Farish n scale items. 

Please contact EPBPG sales to purchase models.

updated  18th December 2018