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Rolling stock in the care of the EPB Preservation Group

      2 EPB 5759. This is the only non5759 July 2011
 corridor electric multiple unit in Britain
 in regular passenger service. Built in 1956 at Eastleigh this was one of the final EPB units, withdrawn in 1995. EPB stands for Electro-Pneumatic-Brake. Currently located at a private site in Greater London.

CEP 7105 4 Cep 7105. This unit contains the only surviving Bep buffet car  The unit is running in the refurbished condition.  The 2 motor coaches are currently at Eastleigh works for the rebuilding of the brake (guards) compartment in the original position.  See www.cep7105.co.uk. The trailer coaches have moved to the Epping Ongar Railway.

MLV at North Bank            crossing Motor Luggage Van (MLV) 68001 at Emudays 2010, hauling 5759. This unit has batteries to allow it to operate away from the third rail, for conveying luggage and parcels on dockside lines. This is the unit that powers the genuine electric trains, as seen here. The current set of batteries were funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. This MLV is now at the Epping Ongar Railway.

MLV 68008(left) and 68009. (right) These are from the 1961 phase 2 batch. 68008 is available for use and being repainted steadily into "multiple unit green". Both have now left the East Kent Railway and are located at a site in the London area, where restoration is ongoing.


 MLV 68002-The other 1959 built motor luggage van is currently at Southall (West Coast Railways) shed undergoing full restoration and appeared at the recent staff open day at Ramsgate EMU depot. It is the only privately preserved emu to do so since privatisation. It is in working order and we would be happy to consider invites to other events.