EPBPG Cep 7105 Project

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Our aims are to restore the unit to its pre refurbishment design and former glory for generations to enjoy. With your help we will make this a reality. Why not set up a regular standing order payment for the Cep7105 Project, just email the treasurer for further details. Donations large and small welcome via cheque or bank transfer, again contact the treasurer.
The present 1970's design interior with its bold yellows and oranges, lowered ceilings with fluorescent lighting, InterCity 70 seating and tinted hopper windows will all go to be replaced with restful blue and white panelling, higher curved ceilings with soft incandesdcent light bulbs, plush deep sprung seating with individual reading lamps and traditional sliding opener windows completed with orange curtains. This will recreate the once embraced age of travel where seclusion and comfort were important to the British Railway passenger. It is commonly known that during the fleet's refurbishment program where some original units were running coupled to refurbished units passengers would choose to ride in the original unit over the 'new' unit, an indication of how well the new design was received! Naturally, the elegant Multiple Unit Green livery will also be reapplied.
Much work has already been undertaken including changing the bogies under the Buffet Car to the original Commonwealth type and the Buffet car is now in its original green livery. Progress on motor coach 61229 is now well advanced, with the 1970's design interior fully stripped and much renovation work now completed. Both motor coaches are now at Southall, where rebuilding and restoration will continue.


Southern Region Stars. 33.025 and MLVs bring our Cep project motor coaches to Southall, after collecting them from Eastleigh. The hard work of  restoration continues, show your support and join us today. see membership page for further details.

Picture-Henry Marlow.


Current status of the EPBPG Cep/Bep coaches


Motor Coach 61229--Original brake van area sidepanels re-instated, complete interior rebuild underway, cab corridor connector being replaced with original version, windows replaced with original sliding vent version. Much behind the scenes work carried out.

Motor Coach 61230-Still in South West Trains livery.

Trailer brake corridor composite 70236--repainted into Multiple Unit dark green

Trailer buffet 69013--Repainted into Multiple Unit dark green, some windows and interior seats replaced with original design. Now running on Commonwealth bogies.

Page updated 30th April 2022.
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